Information is crucial for everything. Can you think of an instance where you don’t need information?  It’s like going on a trip without a roadmap or through life without goals.  We need information to help us get from A to B and all points in between.

With the Internet, we have information almost instantaneously with a push of a button.  Do a search on any topic and there is flood of websites to tell you all about whatever you are searching for.  Sometimes the search is spot on and other times it is completely off base but the beauty is you can search again and again refining until you get it right.

text_connected_to_cloud_Information Gathering

With that, why are so many people still ill informed?  There has never been a time like now with access to so much information through our phones, homes, cars, cafés, libraries… even restaurants give free access.  And yet you hear people say the craziest things and have outlandish opinions based on no facts you are aware of.

This is partly due to the other form of information – the media.  The media has its own agenda and long gone are the days of unbiased news outlets.  But this isn’t about the media. It is about information and how to obtain useful information that is both accurate and proven to be true.

When it comes to personal development and growth, there are many people who claim to have the secrets to success.  And from appearances, they sure do look successful.  But their success may not equate to your definition of success so my advice to you is this:

Define what you think makes a person successful.  Not how to be successful.  Illustrate through words what a successful person is – from relationships to material goods.  However you define success.  And from that – match up those who claim success to see if they fit your description, which is based on your values and beliefs.  If they don’t, then pass on their advice.  If they do, then find out how you can work with them or someone associated with them to mentor you and help you to achieve success.

ACTION STEP #1 ~ Utilize the Lesson Evaluation Form and evaluate yourself on were you get information and how are you utilizing it. Determine if that information is advancing you or keeping you from achieving your goal.

ACTION STEP #2 ~ What is one step you can take to increase your level of awareness and utilization of information when it comes to those things you say you want? Write it down and take action.

ACTION STEP #3 ~ Take Action! Write out what it will take, what information you need in order to achieve success.

As you read this, TODAYRIGHT NOW can be one of those DECISION POINTS. Today can be the day you discover your potential. Today can be the day you spread your wings and start SOARING! All it takes is DEFINING the VISION, DISCIPLINING the FOCUS and ACHIEVING POSITIVE LEGACY!

Build on Belief ~ Go Big Today!

Notice – Act – Navigate – Create – Yield Results

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