Coaching Results

Christian_Simpson_jpg“Bob is a powerful change agent. When an individual demonstrates the awareness and self-discipline to invest time, money and energy in improving themselves in order to add value and contribute to the success of others, you have found a true leader.

What’s more, not only does that description fit perfectly when describing Bob Kittridge, he’s demonstrated it in over 30 years of successfully helping people from all levels live into rewarding personal and professional lives.

I’ve had the personal privilege of teaching and mentoring Bob in the art, skill and practice of professional coaching. The very best leaders also happen to be the very best followers, and Bob continues to show exemplary ability in this field.

Whether you find yourself working with Bob on an individual basis or you’re considering his services from an organizational perspective, I can assure you that hiring him will be an intelligent decision that will bring a significant return on your investment.”

~ Christian Simpson, Faculty Member for Professional Coaching, John Maxwell Team (business partner)


“Bob Kittridge instructed the ‘active listening’ portion of the ‘Beyond the Badge’ leadership class I recently attended. Bob instructed in both group and individual settings. His technique was highly effective in both teaching arenas. I was especially impressed and impacted by his nuanced personal coaching methods during this class. I recommend his instruction in all areas related to interpersonal communication”.

~ With Respect, Cory Mapston (SDPD)


“Bob, along with another bloke, held a ‘Fireline Leadership’ course in Northern Tasmania Australia and I was lucky enough to have attended this course.

​​How unique, how inspiring was the teaching style, no boring bits at all!!!! ​​Bob has this amazing ability to ‘make’ you see yourself without you realising it, the bad stuff and the good things that are part of your makeup.

​​Because of the course and Bob’s unique style I did a lot of self reflecting and now I am busy practising ‘active listening’ techniques, I mean REALLY listening to people and small talk is sooooo much less of a chore for me. And that is only a part of the skills I now practice.

Recommend, recommend, recommend”.

~ Regards – Neesey Groves, 4th Officer Gladstone Fire Brigade, Tasmania, Australia.”


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