Discover Your Sweet Spot

A very good friend and mentor of mine Scott Fay, has just released his new book “Discover Your Sweet Spot.” Let me tell you it is a hit and has made an amazing impact on my life. This book is easy to read and even easier to apply.

Read an excerpt below and join us for the launch party on January 8th at 8 PM EST.

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Design With the End in Mind

By Scott M. Fay

Author, Discover Your Sweet Spot


What do you plan on doing with the new space?” I inquired with genuine interest.

You’d be surprised how few of my clients know the answer to this question.

“I’m not sure I know what you’re asking,” he responded back with equal sincerity. “I thought you were just going to pick out some good- looking trees and shrubs for us. You’re the professional. Isn’t that why we hired your team?”

“I’m definitely up for advising you along the way,” I said reassuringly. “But trust me, designing with the end in mind will help tremendously. Think about it this way: as you imagine the new space we’re designing for you, what do you see yourself doing in that space? Are you hosting garden parties with friends? Do you see yourself sitting next to a small waterfall feature in the evenings while reading your favorite novel? Or maybe you picture your grandkids playing Frisbee with you in the backyard on a plush green lawn?”

A warm smile slowly spread across my client’s face.

“OK, I get it now. You know, come to think of it, I can see myself doing all three!” he chuckled.

“One thing though, Scott,” he shot back.

“Sure, what is it?” By this time, I anticipated a little humor. “Before I give you my final answer, I just have to ask…do you have any additional options besides those three? After all, I don’t want to limit any fun.”

At this comment, we both started laughing. “Now you’re getting it,” I grinned.

I start every job the same way, helping my clients design with the end in mind. It’s always better to talk through their desires in the design phase than to work them out in the build phase. Designing with the end in mind saves them money and it saves me time. Although my landscaping team is always happy to help, and we can do almost anything, most clients don’t have an endless supply of money. A little intentional thinking on the front end saves everyone time and money on the back end.

But this principle reaches far beyond waterfalls and flowerbeds. In fact, it touches every single one of us. Although we might not be able to literally design the environment around us, we’re each given the responsibility to design a conducive environment within us.

Are YOU designing your environment with the end in mind?


Excerpt taken from Discover Your Sweet Spot by Scott M. Fay, published by Morgan James Publishing, available here via Amazon. More info: .



Fear is critical to our survival!

It keeps us protected from legitimate threats and danger.  If we only had life threatening fears, we’d be a very different society.  Instead, we have additional irrational fears based on traumas, bad experiences, or those all too often handed down fears from our ill-advised relatives.the_closet_monster_1600_clr_5623

Looking at your fears, take a quick inventory in your head of what you are afraid of.  Heights is usually at the top of the list and a legitimate fear, although some go to extremes, but there is a danger element in falling.  What else makes your list?  Wild animals? Spiders? Rejection? Pain? Flying? Swimming? Public Speaking? Relationships? People? The color blue?

Fears are thoughts that we create based on experiences either that we have had or others have had and have imprinted onto our minds.  Yes, sometimes we accept and take on the fears of others. These fears are created, perpetuated and held in our minds, sometimes even becoming too intense and then we develop anxieties and find our fears crippling our progress.

One definition of Fear I have heard and really like is False Evidence Appearing Real!

By giving in and accepting our fears, we cannot move forward.  We cannot grow.  We are stopped in our tracks.  For example, fear of failure is common in varying degrees.  It keeps people from progressing in their careers, relationships, commitments.  People who exhibit this fear tend to stay in dead end jobs, stay in bad marriages, take the hand that’s dealt to them.  Accepting life as is and not daring to risk failing, so why bother, why try?  How about fear of rejection?  I’m not good enough anyway… I can’t do that job, I don’t have the credentials or experience and they won’t like me anyway…

I have also seen a fear of success stop people. I love this quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” ~ Marianne Williamson

So frustrating, right?  We all know someone like this.  Maybe it’s us?  Maybe we need a little push, a little self confidence, a realization that the fear we carry with us is made up, make believe. We can change our thinking and let go of whatever trauma we hold on to that makes the fear so real – so tangible – so part of our lives that we accepted long ago that it just is.

The key to to let go of fearSometimes we need help from others to work through our fears.  A great coaching relationship will help us address and move past these fears. Sometimes we need a trusting mentor to show us the way, to gently guide us on our journey and break free of these fear chains we have grown to “love” so much. It is very hard to rid ourselves of these fears on our own…why cause they are our fears!

ACTION STEP #1 ~ Utilize the Lesson Evaluation Formand evaluate yourself regarding fear and assess where these might be stopping you!

ACTION STEP #2 ~ Determine the validity of those fears. Are they irrational fears? Are they fears that you can overcome with help?

ACTION STEP #3 ~ Consider a coach or mentor to work with you to overcome these fears and move past the barriers that stop you from achieving your full potential.

As you read this, TODAYRIGHT NOW can be one of those DECISION POINTS. Today can be the day you discover your potential. Today can be the day you spread your wings and start SOARING! All it takes is DEFINING the VISION, DISCIPLINING the FOCUS and ACHIEVING POSITIVE LEGACY!

Build on Belief ~ Go Big Today!

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