The Law of Curiosity

In John Maxwell’s Book “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” Law Number 12 is the Law of Curiosity…this law states:

Growth is Stimulated by Asking Why?

“Some men see things as they are and ask why.

Others dream things that never were and ask why not!”

~ George Bernard Shaw


Where does curiosity come from you might ask? Are we born with it or do we discover it?

My belief is that we are born curious. If you don’t believe me take a look at a young child, as they move from an infant to a toddler…..their world is nothing but curiosity. They crawl and find things..and where is the first place it goes……right into their mouth! See, that is their world…it is how they discover..through taste, then through feel…that is why they lick the television!

As we grow, sometimes this curiosity is programmed out of us. How many times were you told, “Curiosity Killed the Cat!” The second part of that statement that we were seldom told was “Satisfaction Brought it Back!”

Curious people possess a thirst for knowledge. They are always interested in life, people, ideas, new experiences. They aways live in a state of wanting more. These are the dreamers that look at things that never were and ask why not!

Asking why not verses why will open our mind to the reception, the new frequency of a new idea. See, the answer to the why, gives us a response to ‘why‘ and can be a danger, a danger of limiting our curiosity to look at new ways.

How to Cultivate Curiosity?

I so love being around curious people, people that are always excited for the new learning and the knowledge. The best thing I enjoy about these types of people, is that their mindset is contagious. These are the people that will move an organization forward, new products, new ways to do things. These are the people that create! Create things that we didn’t even know we needed.

Steve Jobs was one of those……he was a master of curiosity, he was always asking why not. Henry Ford was another. When he was told that his dream of have an opposing cylinder V8 engine was impossible, he didn’t believe them, he kept asking “Why Not?” He challenged the common sense of the situation.

First Step!


If you are reading this and you are not curious, you may be asking “How Do I Start?”

Believe You Can Be Curious!

Most people today are filled with limiting beliefs, lack of personal self confidence and self-esteem. These issues, these limiting beliefs put the limitation on our thinking. They stop us from asking “Why Not?” They stop us, not from the lack of capacity, but because they are unwilling to break free and expand their beliefs.

Maxwell Maltz in his book Psycho-cybernetics, clearly defines that we cannot perform on the outside, if it does not match who we are inside.

BUT! Here is the great news, we can change our thinking and as a result our life.

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ACTION STEP #1 ~ Utilize the Lesson Evaluation Form and evaluate yourself regarding your ability to be curious. Where can you choose differently in this area?

ACTION STEP #2 ~ What is one step you can take to increase your level of curiousity when it comes to those things you say you want? Write it down and take action.

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As you read this, TODAYRIGHT NOW can be one of those DECISION POINTS. Today can be the day you discover your potential. Today can be the day you spread your wings and start SOARING! All it takes is DEFINING the VISION, DISCIPLINING the FOCUS and ACHIEVING POSITIVE LEGACY!

Build on Belief ~ Go Big Today!

Notice – Act – Navigate – Create – Yield Results

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