End of the World as We Know It

end of the worldIf you are reading this, that means that the world did not end for you on December 21st. I guess the Mayans were wrong! Or were they?myan graphic



Everyone from scientists to cultists and other “Experts” knew that the 21st was it? End of the World As We Know It.

There were all kinds of suggestions from maxing out your credit cards; hope you didn’t take that one, to living something from your bucket list.

I say they were right! I say that the world as we have known it has ended and we now have the opportunity to create a New World!

I am sure that many of you will be asking……..”How Do I Do That?” That my friend, does not matter! The HOW does not matter, it is the doing that makes the difference. The important thing here is that we seize this opportunity and move forward. Let’s set out on that.

Let Go of the Past – Too many of us still live in the past and let that create our future. We think about our failures and how we do not want to repeat them. We have fears. Fears of looking bad, or fears of standing out, or worse yet fears of succeeding. Some of this comes from not learning from our past, not harvesting the good and leaving the bad.

Choose Truth over Facts – What are the difference you ask? FACTS are what comes from your past, these are the “things” that have happened in your life. Unfortunately, a lot of those are not the TRUTH, they are just FACTS, but we give meaning to these FACTS and let them run our lives. We call them our circumstances!

We are programmed to believe these facts as who we are. An example would be, our family not having money. We may have been told that we didn’t deserve to have money. As we move into our adult life and we start to achieve success, we start to grow, start to build our life, we start to build our business, this belief that we don’t deserve money, which is our measurement of success in today’s world comes into play. If we believe this FACT,and it is more powerful than the TRUTH, we may sabotage our success.

With that in mind, what is the TRUTH? That is something you and only you can answer. The TRUTH for me is that I am a creation of God, empowered and fully resourced to achieve my full potential in life and in line with my purpose! That for me is the TRUTH. I challenge you to discover your TRUTH.

Make Choices that are In-Line with YOUR TRUTH ~ This is the way to create and move forward in your life. If we are to live in the past and let our circumstances determine our future, then we are most likely not going to achieve the success that we truly desire, the success that our spirit tells us that we can achieve.

Remember, our life is the result of our choices. If you don’t believe that, look back and see where you have made some choices and then the results. Ask yourself “what would have happened if I were to have chosen differently?”

Live your Life by Design not Life by Default ~ Most of us go through life on a schedule; we wake up, we make coffee, we shower and we drive to work the same way every day. We go to our job with a mindset of “Have To” rather than “Want To.” I ask you to consider taking on designing your day, your week and your life?

At this point is where I bet that little guy comes out and maybe asks something like……”Hey, play the cards that were dealt to you!” Or “Who do you think you are?” Each person has their own little voice…….You know, that little voice that is asking right now…”What little voice?”

Unfortunately, for many of us this “Little Voice” is the one that stops us from achieving success, taking the risk needed to move forward.

Remembering the Future ~ A great mentor of mine, Paul Martinelli, talks about remembering the future and then living from it. Believe it or not, this is just as easy as remembering our past and living from that. Our sub-consious mind does not know any difference. It only knows what we create and then gives us that life.

If we were to create a story, a story of how our future looks; if we were to write this story out as if it had happened, what would it sound like? What would it look like and what would be the feelings that it would generate inside you?

For me, I use this when I have an event, a meeting or now almost on a daily basis. I am creating what my day looks like the night before.

You may ask:

  • Does this work?
  • Does it ALWAYS go that way?
  • What happens when it doesn’t?
  • How do I control it?

The answers are SOMETIMES and NO, there is never an always or a never, respond instead of react, and I CAN’T control all circumstances. But in writing this story, it gives me the feelings that I need to maintain in order for me to be successful and not fall into my FACTS. In the end, feelings and emotions are what drives us. Feeling and emotions are energy and energy is what controls our world.

Think of it this way: E-Motion, energy in motion and it is motion, moving forward towards our goals that moves us towards success.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Oh, and the last thing that I get asked……”Is this Easy?”………..NO! But it is worth it!

Beter Choices

ACTION STEP #1 ~ Decide if you will continue to live in your world or create a New World.

ACTION STEP #2 ~ Take a deep look and determine if you are living from the past or the future.

ACTION STEP #3 ~ Please share with this community your insights.

As you read this, TODAYRIGHT NOW can be one of those DECISION POINTS. Today can be the day you discover your potential. Today can be the day you spread your wings and start SOARING! All it takes is DEFINING the VISION, DISCIPLINING the FOCUS and ACHIEVING POSITIVE LEGACY!

Build on Belief ~ Go Big Today!

Notice – Act – Navigate – Create – Yield Results

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This post is dedicated to my mentor and friend Paul Martinelli.

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