Loss of a Friend

My last post was on connection. It talked about how we must touch a heart before we ask for a hand. As I woke this morning and going through my usual morning routine, I had a shock to start my day.

I was notified that one of my good friends and business partners had been killed. As I stated this was a shock, not one that in any way was I expecting. Although can we ever really expect such a thing?

Kirk Goodwin had a spirit that exceeded anything that I had ever seen. he was a gentle but yet strong individual. I first met Kirk on Facebook as we had joined the John Maxwell team, we spoke often and encouraged each other through Facebook, teaching and mentor calls and in person. I remember walking into the lobby of the West palm Beach Gardens Marriott for registration of the first certification event. Kirk was there greeting everyone with that wonderful smile and his outreached hand.

Through that weekend we would touch base, talk about what we heard and how it could be applied. In the evenings we talked about our families, our strengths and our shortcomings. As we left that first certification as Founding Members of the John Maxwell Team we knew we were going to make a difference. Kirk lived life and impacted others everyday. How do I know this? I just do!

As the year has passed Kirk & I collaborated on many projects, and talked about many shortcomings. He was always there with a kind work and also was very strong in asking the questions I wouldn’t ask myself in order to move forward……..

Kirk was an amazing husband, father and community leader. He and his wife ran an extraordinary school called S.U.P.E.R. Learning Center. This center is an opportunity for children with Autism, ADHD/ADD, PTSD, and other challenges to live a normal life. His passion showed for this program every time I spoke with him, from the daily programs to specialized programs such as one that allowed and utilized animal and student interaction.

His last days were spent being an influence to others, you can read his last post HERE. It shows a little bit of this great man.

As I move through the stages of grief, here are my thoughts so far.

Denial – Already there, we were scheduled to talk before the John Maxwell Team training next week. How bad I want to pick up the phone or dial Skype. I am sure as we all gather next week there will be a huge denial with all of us.

Anger – Already been there also. The anger is the knowing that the world has lost one of its stars. However, I know that God has a plan and we may not like it or want it. I am sure that he has one and we will find it out soon. This faith has also moved me through the anger stage very fast.

Bargaining – For me there is no bargaining. I know that we could have been in contact more, or we could have talked more. But there is none of that. We had a great friendship and even better partnership.

Depression – I am not sure for me there will be any of this. Instead I will use Kirk’s spirit as an inspiration. Not as a depression. Now I know there will be sadness, but as all the John Maxwell Team Coaches gather it will be in joy. Joy of having known this great spirit.

Acceptance – I am not sure I am there yet. In some way I know that it is all a misunderstanding. It was somebody else and Kirk will pop up on a call. (Opps, back to denial) But I know that is not true. The best acceptance is one that Kirk impacted many more lives than we will ever know. We will not be able to measure how many of the children he worked with and how they will go forth into the world.

As I close I want to say is “So Long” (He never told me goodbye) to a friend, business partner and an inspiration to me. As he closed his last post….. “See You Soon”. I know we will meet again and I will always remember his quote…..

“Please join me on the journey of unleashing the potential that lies within each of us”                          

          -Kirk J Goodwin

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By Bob Kittridge Posted in Loss

3 comments on “Loss of a Friend

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  2. I really appreciate your willingness to be authentic and transparent Bob. Kirk impacted our lives in many different ways and you have done an outstanding job painting a picture of the man and what he represented. He will be missed by many. Well done my friend!

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